About Us

The Story Behind Greeny Indoor

As you can sense from the name of our blog, we care about keeping your home green. In case you’re mistaken, we’re not talking about the color of your ceiling or wall. Rather, we focus on indoor gardening that leaves fresh greenery across your beloved home. 

Greeny Indoor was founded by Mst Maisha, who’s been an indoor plant enthusiast for a long time. Her background is from Botany and Crop Science, which led her to become more than ‘just an enthusiast’ in this field. And that finally, ended up in this little blog on the internet. 

Across Greeny Indoor, you’ll find information, reviews, guides, and tips around aquarium, indoor plants, planted tanks, potted garden, balcony garden, and anything that comes into your mind when you want to put some lovely greenery across your home. 

Who’s Behind The Curtain?

In the team of Greeny Indoor, you’ll find a number of persons apart from Maisha herself. We have writers, editors, analysts, Professional Botanists, and SEO/Marketing professionals. The full team looks like quite this- 

  • Writers and Editors: 3
  • Product analysts: 2
  • Botany and Aquaponics Specialist: 1
  • Research and Development: 2
  • Web Developer and Publisher: 3
  • SEO and Marketing Executive: 1
  • Data analyst: 1 

How We’re Keeping Our Content Values Intact?

The goal of this blog is to encourage newbie indoor gardening and plantation enthusiasts to help them across the way. For that purpose, we publish generic knowledge-based blog posts, how-to guides, product reviews, roundup and listicles, tips, and many more. 

To keep the values across these contents intact, we follow a 3 step process. When a writer writes content on a given topic, the content is proofread by our editors. And finally, the content is taken through the expert lens of the team. Hence, we make sure that whatever we deliver across the contents, are legit, research-backed, and value-packed.  

Get In Touch

Apart from what we’ve just talked about, if you have anything else that you want to let us know, we’d highly appreciate that. Reach us via our contact us page, and we promise we’ll be back to you.