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Best Coral Dip: Are They The Right Pest Removers?


Imagine the corals living a happy and cozy life in the aquarium. But one day the monstrous pests crawl their way in to slowly kill the corals and take over their territory. Wouldn’t you want to protect those precious corals of yours?

Well, for that job you’ll need the best coral dip by your side.

Now, we took the liberty of picking the top 5 coral dips in the market. They are truly worthy of their place and our researchers have made sure of that.

But that’s not where we draw the line. We also went the extra mile to actually and made a buying guide for coral dips. So, they will serve you with extra info and we always consider that to be a brownie point.

Anyway, enough chit-chat. Let’s get on with the fun part-

Comparison Table


Blue Ocean Corals CRX8 Aquarium Treatment Dip

Product Overview

To start up our list, we have the one and only Blue Ocean Corals CRX8 Aquarium Treatment Dip. Now, this is our most favorite coral dip. And the reason behind it is that this product is quite a premium one.

Now, that does mean you’ll spend a few extra for 236 ml but wait; there are several reasons why this is a good deal. Firstly, you should note that the Blue Ocean Coral CRX8 is a coral dip that’s effective against all sorts of coral pests.

But that’s not all. It also works against oral pests like flatworms and coral or polyp-eating Nudibranchs. So, if you’re not sure what your corals are dealing with, then you can definitely go for this dip.

On the other hand, it’ll fight off all the pests in an instant, and you’ll have pest-free corals again. Moreover, the dipping time for this coral is quite less. In fact, it only takes 5 to 10 mins to dip the entire coral dip and have it ready to use.

That also saves you a lot of hassle, and this product is relatively easy to use. On top of all these, the Blue Ocean Coral CRX8 is a coral dip made of natural ingredients. In other words, it doesn’t have harmful chemicals like iodine.

Thus, it’ll provide you with a method of getting rid of all the pests without causing any harm to your precious little corals. Hence, your corals will stay healthy and jolly all throughout their lives.

A little tip- before introducing new corals into your lively aquarium, you should use this dip to clean the corals. This way, the corals won’t invite new colonies of pests to your lovely aquarium.


  • It won’t harm the corals
  • It’s effective against all types of coral pests
  • Takes less time to dip
  • Beginner-friendly


  • It melts the tissues of soft corals


Seachem Rif 116061605 Dip

Product Overview

To bring contrast to our all-natural winner, we introduce you to the Seachem Rif 116061605 Dip. Now, we will admit that this coral dip is chemical-based. But we assure you that the presence of chemicals might be something you benefit from. Let’s see how-

Firstly, we have to tell you that this chemical has iodine present in it. Now, we know that a lot of people are aware of the fact that iodine might be bad for your corals, but it’s very effective against pests.

One use of this dip, and it’ll kill those pests instantly. But don’t worry about your precious little corals. That’s because they are protected by a protective slime. So, even when you use the dip on those corals, they will be healthy.

Plus, this layer of slimes protects any future evasion by the pests. So, once you coat the coral with your dip, you can rest assured that the pests won’t come crawling back for an act of revenge.

So, if you’re looking for some immediate action, then this is the one you need to go for. However, you should note that this one will have a higher dipping time than all the others.

This is due to the presence of iodine. But the dipping time is still reasonable. It’ll only take 15 to 30 mins to get the job done. So, if you have a little patience, you’ll be able to get rid of traces of pests from your aquarium.

But what will it work against?

Well, this coral dip might not be able to deal with all the pests on earth. But it can certainly tackle different types of bacteria, fungus, and protozoans.  


  • Provides effective cleansing
  • Pest doesn’t attack a second time
  • Can tackle different types of infectious pests
  • It’s safe for use on soft corals


  • It has a slightly high dipping time


BioAdvanced 700270B Pest Control Dip

Product Overview

Moving on, we have another coral dip on our list, and this is the BioAdvanced 700270B Pest Control Dip. Now, we have to admit that this is not a direct coral dip. It’s more of an insecticide that can kill pests, but it surely works on coral pests.

Now, the best thing about this product is that you won’t have to waste time dipping it. Nope, you can get straight into action using this product. Plus, the best thing is if you transfer the mixture into a spray can, you can spray it.

Moreover, it comes in a bottle of 1L. Now, you won’t normally need that much for your corals. So, you can use the reminders for your lawns or gardens. This pest control dip can clean the lawns without even harming your crops.

That’s not all. It can even go underground and reach out to all the pests living there. Then they work to kill those underground pests as well.

Additionally, this pest control dip can treat up to 6,667 square feet. And that’s a lot. So, if you have a giant aquarium or if you’re looking for a dip that you can use on multiple aquariums, then this is the one for you. It won’t run out.

On top of all these, the killing action time is only 24 hours. In this period of time, all the insects, ants, ticks, and more will be dead. Not only that, these pesky pests won’t be able to return for another 3 months.

Now, the product isn’t natural like the number one product on our list. So, it contains chemicals in it. In fact, its main chemicals are 0.72% Imidacloprid; 0.36% Beta-cyfluthrin.


  • You don’t have to dip it
  • It covers a lot of surfaces
  • This dip works on lands too
  • You can spray this dip


  • It doesn’t work against grubs


Brightwell Aquatics KMD500 Dip

Product Overview

Another coral dip that we have for you today is the Brightwell Aquatics KMD500 Dip. Now, if you want a more natural coral dip but within a budget, then this is the right one for you. But that’s not the only place where it shines.

If you took a look at our comparison table, then you must have noticed that this is the only dip that offers different size options. So, if you have a small aquarium, you can always go for 250 ml. 

But if you’re looking to deal with a lot of corals, then you can always aim for a larger size. However, the end result is that this dip will not be wasted if you buy the right amount for yourself.

Moreover, you already know that this coral dip is made out of natural ingredients. Hence, you can expect that the coral will not be harmed by the coral dip. They will stay safe while the pests get eradicated.

On top of all this, the dipping time is quite reasonable too. It only takes 5 to 10 mins for the coral dipping to get ready for work. After that, you can start applying it one the corals.

Not only this, but you can also wash your damaged coral using this dip. You see, this particular dip will be quite pleasant with your fragmented dips.

Lastly, we’ll like to add that this coral dip can stop the transfer of unwanted substances into an aquarium. They do this by thoroughly cleansing the corals before they get transferred to a new aquarium.


  • This won’t harm the corals
  • You can pick your own size
  • Gets ready to work in minutes
  • Thoroughly cleans the corals


  • It needs to be sealed properly


Two Little Fishies 23474 ATLRC4 Revive Coral Cleaner

Product Overview

Lastly, we have another coral dip, and it’s known as the Two Little Fishies 23474 ATLRC4 Revive Coral Cleaner. One thing you should know about this dip is that it doesn’t actually work against the pests. It cleanses the corals.

Yeah, this is a cleanser that thoroughly cleans the corals and makes sure that it stays healthy. Besides, it’s made of plant extracts, so you can count on this cleanser to be gentle towards your loving corals.

To be exact, this cleanser can clean soft corals, zoanthids, and anemones. So, after a good dip in this coral dip, the corals will be healthy.

Now, this product comes in a 500 ml bottle, so you can use it in your aquarium. In fact, you might have some leftovers from your uses that you can store for later use.

At the same time, the dipping time isn’t a lot. You see, this dip has a dipping time of 5 to 10 mins. Now, that’s too long to wait, is it?

However, it fails to kill pests. So, if you simply need a dip to clean off the corals then this is the one. 

Well, a lot of the time, people don’t actually suffer from pests, but they need a natural dip to clean the corals. That’s where this dip snoops in.


  • It cleanses the corals
  • Works on different types of corals
  • You don’t have to wait for a long time to start using it


  • It doesn’t kill pest
  • Can be a little harsh on the corals


Buying Guide

Well, till now you have seen a couple of coral dips that have their own specialty. But among all the highlighting features, you might become confused as to what you actually need.

Now, if you know a bit or two about your coral dip, then this won’t be an issue. But if you’re a newbie, you might still want a bit more info. So, in this little segment, we have the thing you need to consider before buying a coral dip.

Presence of Iodine

Firstly, you should pay heed as to what’s in the coral dip. In other words, you need to figure out the ingredients that make the coral dip.

Well, to put it in simple terms, the one thing you need to check is whether the dip has iodine in it or not. If it does, then the dip is effective against unwanted parasites, harmful bacteria, and microbial diseases.

Otherwise, the dip is made of natural ingredients like tea tree and pine oil. Now, these natural ones are super nice towards the corals. You see, they are not toxic, and because of this dip, the corals don’t get damaged along the way.

So, it depends on what you want. Now, both the choices are great, but it all boils down to what you’re looking out for.

Effective Against What? 

One more thing to be wary of is what these dips are effective against. Some of the dips can fight all types of pests, bacterias, fungi, and microbial diseases. But the others are only specified to fight the insects and pests.

Thus, it’s obvious that people will buy products that work against all types of pests. However, they can be a bit expensive at times because of their versatility.

So, if you have a certain pest problem, then do look out for products that can act against those pests.

Size of the Dip

Another thing to be wary about is the size of your dip. Now, this, in turn, depends on the coral size you’ll be dealing with. The bigger your aquarium, the more coral dip you’ll need.

Hence, it’s nice to know what size of dip you’ll need. Typically 4 liters of aquarium water requires 5 to 10 ml of the dip. So, you can make some calculations and find out how much dip you’ll be needing.

By the way, we suggest that you get extras because you never know when you’ll need them. Besides, it never hurts to keep extras.


Question: Does coral dip kill Aiptasia?

Answer: Coral dip can kill a lot of pests. However, none of the dips can kill Aiptasia.

Question: Does coral dip kill algae?

Answer: Yes, coral dips can kill algae. But you have to ensure that the dip contains hydrogen peroxide. Even homemade dips containing hydrogen peroxide can kill harmful pests like algae.

Question: Does coral dip kill flatworms?

Answer: Yes, coral dips are very effective against flatworms. They work pretty well against flatworms.

Question: Can you dip all corals?

Answer: All of the corals are safe when it comes to coral dip. So, if you’re worried about your corals being ruined by the dips, you can go for the natural-based coral dips. They keep the corals safe.

Question: Does hydrogen peroxide kill coral?

Answer: Hydrogen peroxide can be a bit strong and too concentrated. Plus, they are present in most of the chemical-based coral dips. Because of this, the coral dips can tend to harm the soft corals. That’s because hydrogen peroxide can be too strong for the corals to handle.

To Sum Up

Woah! That was one rollercoaster ride. We indeed learned a lot about the best coral dip. And we hope you found the right coral dip for you. However, if you still have queries about coral dips, you can go ahead and leave a comment.

Anyway, that’s all we had to talk about today. Now, we’ll say our farewell for the day. We hope to see you on another blog—Adios for now.

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