Biocube 32 Pump Upgrade: Worthy Upgrade?

Working at your office and having an aquarium for display is fun and games until your sensory overload from all the humming from your aquarium.

Wait, no, the aquarium is not making that noise; it’s the pump! 

When water flows at a good speed, the pump vibrates and thus creates an annoying buzzing sound. If the water flow is not good, that’s even worse because your fish aren’t getting enough oxygen. 

Pursuing a hobby shouldn’t be this hard, right? And you’re right. It’s not that hard. This is where we play a little role to help. 

After a long research process, we picked out the best bio cube 32 pump upgrade for you.

Whether your aquarium has salt water or fresh water, whether the pump needs to be energy efficient or quiet, don’t you worry; we got all the solutions! 

So let’s get into the review:

Product Overview

The first water pump we’re going to review is undoubtedly the best. If you want maximum water movement with the limited current in your aquarium, you need to use this. 

“Maxi-Jet Multi-Use Water Pump” combines three pumps into one: a powerhead, a utility pump, and a circulation pump. 

In addition, the Maxi-Jet comes with an in-box conversion kit that allows you to convert the powerhead into a prop-style circulation pump. 

Are you looking for a pump that’s great in quality function and style as well? Pick this one. But why?

Well, the Marineland products are built with functionality and design in mind, From industry firsts to industry standards. 

And the “Maxi-Jet Multi-Use Water Pump” goes above and above the expected in terms of precision and power. 

Because they have excellent service, they listen to our loyal consumers to improve our goods. This is the most adaptable pump on the market.

This is the ideal powerhead for operating tiny fountains, calcium reactors, and skimmers, as well as powering under gravel filters. And it works well running with wave-maker timers. 

Plus, the conversion kit in the box converts the powerhead into a prop-style circulation pump for maximum flowing water. This works within the aquarium while using minimal energy. 

The company’s innovative spirit is driven by a passion for assisting amateurs worldwide to achieve more, build more, and, most importantly, enjoy more. 

So, whatever hobbyists’ interests are, whether freshwater or saltwater, large or small, beauty or science- they can get their own personalized Marineland theme park in their house. 

The effect on the fish will be spectacular if you buy this pump. They will have all this great stream to swim in.

You can clearly understand they’ve never been happier before, and it’ll show! 


  • Ensures great current from pumps. 
  • Limited electricity is needed for pumps. 
  • Personalized pumps for aquarium.
  • The fish will feel better. 
  • Best pumps for hobbyists. 


  • The pumps are noisy.
  • The propellers constantly make noise. 

Product Overview

Unlike the first one, don’t like noise? That’s fine because this pump has the silent in the name. So you already know what to expect from this pump. Let’s get into more of its functions- 

“Syncra Silent Pump” is suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums, terrariums, and turtle tanks. 

It’s better for protein skimmers, water-cooling, indoor and outdoor fountains. And any other application that calls for a high-performance, ultra-quiet pump. 

Other than that, “Syncra Silent Pump” is completely silent, with a 6-foot cable, ceramic shaft and bearings, and a 357gph rate of flow that may be adjusted. 

A new series of pumps designed to combine high performance with extraordinary quiet and energy efficiency. 

On the other hand, this pump is as versatile as it can get. The “Syncra Silent Pump” range is suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

It’s better for protein skimmers, indoor fountains, water cooling, and underwater or in-line installation. 

Also, do you want a pump for your display tank? Get this pump right away! Its specialty is its silence even when it’s constantly moving. Isn’t that everyone’s dream? 

The stepped hoses with the Syncra Silent are included in the box. You can start right away whenever the box is delivered to you.

The hoses will maintain a connection between the intercooler and engine perfectly. 

Besides, the “Syncra Silent” was created with the end-user in mind. You won’t require to have more tools for maintenance. You’ll do fine with your tools, so it’s very flexible for you to maintain them. 

Also, this pump was created with the latest technology. So you can easily regulate the pump with a flow regulator.

The flow regulator is located on the side of the pump. This allows you to quickly control the flow in your tank with a simple turn of the knob. 


  • Provides constant movements in a silent environment. 
  • It gives great performance with energy efficiency. 
  • It’s a versatile pump that goes with salt water and fresh water. 
  • Ideal for small water tanks. 
  • It has detailed greatly designed parts. 
  • It can last a long time with the right kind of maintenance. 


  • It transmits the vibration through the suction cups of the base.
  • When submerged, it’s silent, but it hums a bit too much when in line. 

Product Overview

Do you already own a Coralife Biocube 29? Well, then you need to buy this one. Guess what? This product we’re going to review is an amazing upgrade of what you’ve been using. 

Let’s get started on the improvements on this pump- 

Like to have a little more flow? This pump with providing you with a great water flow. Well, just the exact amount of what you need and not too much.

You may need to cut down the hose a little bit to adjust it with the tank, but it’ll be worth the hassle, trust me. 

Since it’s an upgrade, the chance of lasting longer has been upgraded as well. It’s pretty much guaranteed that it’ll work for at least 5 years. And with maintenance, it has even a better chance. 

This pump is also energy efficient, in fact, more than the last one. The replacements are mj200. This only increases the flow of the water better than before. 

It has great suction as well. The suction pipe is as small as you’d expect. This works great as submerged in the water of the aquarium. 


  • Works as well as the previous model. 
  • Energy efficient.
  • Increases flow of the water, just the needed amount. 
  • It has great suction. 
  • It lasts at least 5 years more or less.


  • It might be a little noisier than you’d expect. 

Product Overview

Are you a tech-savvy hobbyist? Then we got some news for you. This pump is as innovative as it can get. Let us convince you why you should buy this, and spoiler alert: it’s the features. 

Starting off, the Return Pump is ideal for nano aquariums with capacities of 30 to 50 gallons.

You should know that the MightyJet is ultra-quiet, features run-dry protection, two flow settings with nine distinct speeds, and a feed function. 

Additionally, the MightyJet can pump up to 538 gallons per hour. But the associated controller can be set to your preferred flow rate with the touch of a button. 

When you discover the setting suitable for you, press and hold the down-arrow button, and the controller will indicate “LC” when it’s set up. 

So, are you looking for a quieter pump in your aquarium?

This one might be a little pricey but it’ll fit well in your aquarium. When you touch the interior of the pump, it’ll appear well-made. 

Here, all of the components needed to function with diverse applications are present. The controller performs greatly.

Don’t like the rattling noise from your pump? Well, thanks to this one, you don’t have to. Even in quiet places, you will not hear that much of a hum. 

But you must ensure that you fit all the right parts in the right places. If needed, reinstall it. Most of the time, when you hear noise, you haven’t done it right. 

When set to the lowest speed setting, they are almost completely silent if you don’t need a lot of flow.

If there is no other sound in the tank or area, any setting above the lowest speed level will be audible. 

However, once they’ve been broken in, they become quite quiet, and if there are other noises in the tank/room, you may not be able to hear them.

Even at medium-high speed, you won’t be able to tell the difference in the noise. 

But then again, it’ll depend on how sensitive your ears are and what other background noises you have.

So, all in all, whenever you want an innovative pump with the latest technology available, go for this one.

Even with the highest flow setting, it’s quieter than most other pumps. 


  • Easy to control. 
  • The flow is good enough. 
  • Really quiet pump.


  • Need to make sure everything is fitting right in order to lessen the noise or the hum.

Product Overview

Are you looking for a submersible water pump for the fish tank or aquarium? Well, here’s the one we’re reviewing for you. 

Let’s talk about the pump and why we’re picking it out for you- 

Submersible water pumps from Uniclife are small, silent, versatile, flexible, and removable.

Birdbaths, water tanks, tabletop fountains, aquariums, water gardens, aquaponics, and other water systems are all attainable with this product. Both indoor and outdoor use is feasible.

Other than that, the water pump’s flow is 400 GPH. it’s more than enough for a fish tank or an aquarium. Your fish will be so happy, so you’ll be happy with the purchase as well.

The water flow is adjustable. You can easily change it by spinning a knob from side to side. 

The package comes with an extension cord. It’s 6 feet, and you can easily use it underwater. It’s tight and wrapped, so you don’t have to worry about the cord being damaged by the water or somehow electrocuting water.

The design is shockproof. So don’t worry; it has 4 suction cups attached to the bottom of the pump. They hold the pump steady inside the aquarium. 

So even when it’s on the highest setting of flow, the pump doesn’t displace easily. 

Lastly, you can easily maintain the pump, and it won’t require any tools you’ll need to buy. It’s good to maintain it every two weeks for the best use. 

That said, please do not run the pump without water; that’s how you can damage it. So follow the manual and set it up underwater before you operate it. 


  • Great flow, and it’s also adjustable.
  • The design is shockproof and safe. 
  • It’s a quiet pump. 


  • The cord is lightweight. 
  • The blade starts wobbling after a few months. 


Choosing an Upgrade: What Factors to Focus on?

The 5 pumps we reviewed so far, you know how all of them work and the traits they have.

This guide is to make it easy for you to choose a pump based on the traits you want in them. Let’s go over them then- 


A pump can work smoothly with great water flow and energy efficiency but if your primary wish is the pump needs to run quietly, choose one with that feature. 

Make sure you understand your ability to hear and then buy a pump within the range of your tolerability. 

Water Flow

If you own an aquarium, water flow has a very important role to play.

Fishes and other organisms will be very happy based on the flow of the water. It helps them live healthy life. 

Energy efficiency

Hobbyists or not, everyone wants to save some money. And if you can get a pump that pushes water using less electricity, maybe that’s the one for you. 


So, to conclude, I hope to display your aquariums; you choose a great pump from our best-reviewed bio cube 32 pump upgrade.

Not only your fishes will be happy also you’ll be at peace without all the hum. We wish you all the best in pursuing your hobby.