Bubble Tip Anemone Dying? [Reviving Your Aquarium Mate]

Finding your bubble tip anemone’s tentacles shriveling can be a matter of concern. You can’t lead to any conclusion without knowing what caused the damage.

Why is your bubble tip anemone dying?

Well, bubble-tip anemones are very sensitive. You need to take proper care of them. If they don’t get proper water acclimation, they can die.

Lighting conditions also can be the reason for their death. So, while petting them, you need to take care of these things.

These details are not sufficient. You need more guidance to pet your bubble tip anemone properly.

What Causes Bubble Tip Anemone Dying? – Explained

Anemones are spineless animals that are closely associated with jellyfish, not corals. They don’t need calcium shell-like hard corals and accommodate a single organism against a colony. 

For that reason, they are isolated organisms.  This makes them more delicate to change than most corals. 

They also have a poor practice of moving around a lot. For that, sometimes they get pushed on a wavemaker or gyre. This can lead to death and the chance of nuking your whole tank.

After moving around for a long time, they get settled in. At that time, they’ll swindle any corals close to their space. 

They’ll power any corals near them. They control it in a worse way than what you’ll see when LPS corals die. 

So, while arranging for the anemone to proceed to a new location near some prized corals, be prepared. Make dispositions to pass those corals out of the way. Do it within 24-48 hours.

Anemones also need a good quantity of light. That is in the SPS lighting region with a  PAR value of 220-350.

Also, anemones deteriorate if they’re dead. It will release a horrifying smell into your water tank. This smell is so bad that it fills the whole room with a downright whiff.

If your tank size is not accurate according to your anemones, they can die.

If they’re not also getting correct water acclimation and lights, the consequence might be death.

After all, anemones indispensable a lot of solidity in the tank. It is recommended that you should wait at least 6 months before you attach one. 

How to Take Care of Your Bubble Tip Anemone?

Well, bubble tip anemone isn’t as resilient as other types of anemones. You just need to provide them with a steady and ideal environment. 

Let’s review lighting, flow, feeding, and other selections to enlarge your success.

Water Acclimation and Conditions

After purchasing a bubble tip anemone,  you need to follow proper acclimation. This step should be followed before launching it into the tank. 

Here’s what is compulsory for healthy anemone acclimation and growth: 

  • Specific gravity (water salinity): 1.023 – 1.025
  • Water temp: 75°F – 82°F (25°C – 28°C)
  • pH: 8.1 – 8.4

You need to maintain water parameters in good condition regularly. Maintain it by changing the water partially. Else it can cause your bubble tip anemone to die.

Bubble tip anemones prefer a good amount of water flow within the tank. The water tank should be created with pumps and powerheads.

Lighting Conditions

Bubble Tip Anemones needed high-output lighting. For example- metal halides, a set of VHO, PC, quality T5 fluorescent bulbs, or LED lighting. 

Like many other anemones and invertebrates, bubble tip anemones’ house requires photosynthetic microorganisms.

Because it provides the anemone with proper energy. Elevated light upgrades overall health and color. 

For bubble tip anemones, you’ll need an elevated output of light. So, 220 – 350 PAR is perfect for them.

Remember, bubble tips have a powerful fluorescence. This fluorescence is most manifest under alchemical lighting or blue LEDs.

Placement in Tank

Bubble tip anemones are quite ambulant. They move in your tank to fit according to their needs. 

So, you can’t expect them to stay still because they are known to ramble around. They’ll tighten their feet to any rock, glass, or hard exterior. 

They also shield pump intakes and overflows to retain them from getting sucked up.

For best care, your bubble tip anemone requires strong lighting in aquariums. The tank or aquarium must have a capacity of at least 30 gallons. 

So, you need a standard tank to ensure your anemones grow.


Bubble tips continue a symbiotic relationship with photosynthesizing microorganisms.  This microorganism stays at the center of them. 

They take the energy they need from light. BTA’s need a regular origin of proteins to prosper.

This protein can come from small meaty morsels of seafood like mysis or brine shrimp. Luckily, bubble-tip anemones are not particularly finicky eaters.

You should feed your bubble tip anemone 1-3 times weekly. It depends on size and activity. 

You might want to trail different foods. But your anemone might not prefer it. Also, it can break it back out. Usually, they do it if they aren’t hungry. 

And it may clasp onto it with its tentacles and then eat later. You should detach any uneaten food after an hour. 

Because crumbling food can poison the tank, at the same time, can cause serious water quality problems.

So, you need to check how they’re behaving during feeding time. It’ll help you to reduce or increase feeding frequency.

If your tank has clownfish, you don’t need to cater to it very often.

It’s because they will supply the anemone with food. Clownfish even help these anemones breathe on their own. 

Food Placement

You can use a feeding stick or tank tongs to give the anemone the food. Avoid using your hands. Cause there’s a chance of you being stung.

Well, stings are rare and lenient unless you’re allergic to them. They will clutch at it. Then will pass it toward and into their mouth. 

It’s pleasing to view them grabbing the food and gobbling it up.

After you go through all these, you can ensure your bubble tip anemone won’t die.


Question: How can you tell whether your bubble tip anemone is healthy?

Answer: Well, the mouth can provide a hint of health for an anemone. A healthy specimen must have its mouth shut down and somewhat cockled.

Question: Can a bubble tip anemone kill your fish?

Answer: Yes, anemones are carnivorous. So they can kill certain types of smaller fish. They kill it by stinging them to death. 

Question: Can bubble-tip anemones have babies?

Answer: The answer is partial no. Cause they can duplicate by asexual reproduction. But they can also turn out by sexual reproduction.


Bubble tip anemones are gratifying inverts. We hope you’ve understood how to save a bubble-tip anemone dying.

Well, we hope our advice helped you succeed with bubble tip anemones.