Solution To Your Aqueon LED light Not Working!

Have trouble with your Aqueon LED light fixtures? You already know how important light fixtures are to corals and fish.

Now that yours are not working properly, so thinking about replacing them? But you should figure out the problem with your light first!

Why is the Aqueon led light not working?

There could be a few things that have gone wrong with your home’s lights. If your LED light is blinking, then you should try replacing the power adapter first.

If that doesn’t work, then replace the lights. In that case, you can use a multiplug or connect to a different outlet.

Still not sure? Fret not! We have prepared a detailed article about the light fixtures just for you. 

So without any further ado, let’s dive in! 

Problems And Solutions To The Aqueon LED light

Many things could go wrong while working with your fish tank and light fixtures.

If your light fixture is not set right, your flowerpot coral will not extend. The light settings have to be just right for a lot of corals. 

Sometimes the lights could blink, or the light would stop working altogether.

We have prepared a list of problems and their solutions just for you! 

Problem 1: LED light Blinking

Your LED light is flashing but not working properly. It’s more like you’re trying to turn it on, but it’s just blinking.  It tries to go on but doesn’t quite make it.

In this case, you might want to try the following solutions. Let’s check them out!

Solution 1: Replace the Power Unit

This is most probably the power unit problem. The power supply adaptor connected to the light might have gone bad. That’s why you need to change the power adapter. 

First, use a voltmeter to check the power supply. If the power supply is dead, then you’d easily be able to replace the adapter.

You can find it online or in any hobby shop, or even at Walmart. 

Sometimes you’d see that the new power adapter won’t work properly. In this case, only a few LED lights glow but not all of them. We have seen that these LED lights get unplugged automatically. 

This happens because the rubber under the sockets slowly pushes the plugs out. You can easily fix this by plugging the LED light tubes individually.

You will find the unplugged ones under the sliding plastic cover.

Solution 2: Wrong type of bulbs used

If you have a clip-on light,  then the case might be different.  If the light were replaced at any time, the first solution would not work.

Then it’s a problem with the bulb that you’ve used in the LED light.

The led lights may flash if the pins do not establish solid contact all the time. So you need to find the bulb that matches your LED light. 

Solution 3: Replace the old bulb

Try replacing the LED clip-on light. It might be too old. The bulbs do not work properly if the lights are more than two years old. 

Problem 2: LED light Stopped working

If your Aqueon LED light is not working at all, then you’d have to try different techniques.

In this case, you might have too many things plugged into your outlet. So you might have a different problem. 

We have listed the solutions. Let’s check them out!

Solution 1: Use a different Outlet

Check your electrical outlet. If you have a lot of things plugged into the same outlet or then this type of flashing or blinking might happen. 

If you have corals in your tank, then you need a lot of things connected. If you have the heater or UV sterilizer connected to the outlet, these take a lot of voltage. 

You can test this theory by plugging your LED light into any other outlet. If your LED is not blinking, then your problem is solved!

It is better to plug the LED light into the nearest wall outlet.

Solution 2: Use a Multi-plug

You could also try using a multi-plug. This way, your Aqueon LED lights will have enough power to stay on.

If your power supply turns hot while using a multi-plug, then stop it immediately. 

Solution 3: Replace the LED light strips

If the first two solutions don’t work, you must replace the light fixtures. If the lights stopped working within a year, you could have a warranty. 

In that case, call customer service, and they’ll help you to choose what you need. They will also send the light fixtures or bulb replacements to you.

Problem 3: LED light is not responding to the remote

After a power outage, you might have seen that your remote to control the latest Aqueon LED light doesn’t work.

Or, you might have unplugged the lights from the power outlet, and now the remote is not working. This is because the sync is turned off. 

Solution: Resync the remote and LED light

Normally, resyncing the remote with the light will solve this problem.

You need to unplug the light again for a few minutes and then power it on. Then you should proceed to sync the light to the remote. 

Problem 4: Problem with the LED brightness

You might have problems with the light settings and intensity. You can change the intensity of the light with your remote.

But sometimes, you might find that the brightness is again turned to full power when the timer goes off. 

If this happens, your candy cane coral will die. So it would be best if you were very careful while fixing the intensity of the LED lights.

Solution: Turn off the Timer-mode

This happens when you’re using the timer mode of the remote. In manual mode, you won’t face this problem.

As it turns out, intensity settings can only be used in manual mode. 

In the timer mode, the intensity slowly starts to increase. So, in the end, the brightness comes back to 100%.

After that, the brightness will slowly tune down. What you can do is, while setting the intensity, just don’t turn on the timer mode. 

These are all the problems you might face if you have an Aqueon LED light. You can try out these solutions, and hopefully, you will have the problem fixed.

Additional Tips to Keep your LED lights safe

In some cases, you can avoid damaging the LED lights. We have prepared a few tips for you. You can check them and might find them helpful!

  1. Avoid splashing water while cleaning the tank. The LED lights won’t have a problem if there’s a bit of water on them. But the switches and the connectors will be damaged permanently.
  2. If you don’t need bubbles, try not to use them, as they can fog up the lights. If you don’t have a UG filter, bubbles are useless. Instead, just upgrade to a Biocube pump
  3. You can use a glass lid for your tank. In that way, you can put the Aqueon LED lights just on top of it. Your LED fixtures will stay out of the water, and you’ll have fewer issues. Try using a sealant that is aquarium-safe in the glass lid. 


Question: How long will the Aqueon LED lights last?

Answer: LED lights can last up to six years. But most of the time, it is seen that Aqueon LED lights have worked without any problem for 2 years. After that, you might have to replace the power adapter. 

Question: Are LED lights not good for my fish?

Answer: LED lights are not bad for your fish as lights don’t affect the fish much. LEDs also don’t produce any heat, so the temperature isn’t anything to be worried about.


Now you know all about why your Aqueon LED light is not working. We have tried to list all the possible problems you might face and their fixes.

So you can fix these problems independently without running to your aquarium shop.

We wish you all the best with your aquarium project!