Best Driftwood For Plecos: Are They Good?

When you observe that your plecos have a halt in their growth rate, things can be frustrating! But why does this happen? Well, a lot of factors can contribute to it. 

But, if you’re not providing enough nutrients or supplements inside your aquarium, their growth rate can slow down. And how to solve it? 

Simple, just put driftwood inside your aquarium. That’ll help! These driftwoods help digest the plecos and act as essential nutrients. 

So, why not go ahead and purchase the best driftwood for plecos? But, there’s a problem- 

And that’s the availability factor. Nowadays, there are too many options in the market. But don’t worry about it. Our research team has handled that in advance. 

So, we’re here to provide you with all the help you need. After spending a lot of time researching and experimenting, we’ve presented 5 of the best driftwood. 

In the end, we’ve presented the buying guide and a couple of informative segments to make things easy. 

Comparison Table

Product Overview

We’re about to present our favorite driftwood for plecos- NApremium Cholla Wood from the brand- NilocG. Now, this wood is excellent for fish as it mimics the natural environment all the time. 

Speaking of the natural environment, this product is made completely naturally and doesn’t contain any fertilizer or pesticide. So, your animals and fish will be completely in safer hands. 

As we’ve mentioned, animals, let’s break it down. Yes, you can use this wood for plecos, shrimps, and even crabs. The overall hollow structure of this driftwood makes it easier for the fish to swim through it. 

In fact, the fish can even hide inside it. Another reason why this driftwood is so safe with animals is that it’s been cleaned thoroughly.

And no amount of pesticide has touched it yet. Hence, it’s a safer option. 

Now, this wood won’t sink completely until it’s saturated.

So, it’ll float until then. To be precise, it’ll stay afloat for 24-48 hours. After this, the wood will settle at the bottom of the tank. 

However, you can always speed this process up if you want to. But how? By boiling the Cholla wood before using it, you can cause it to sink even faster. 

As the product has been sustainably sourced, you won’t have to worry about its longevity. Heads up! It’ll last for a longer period. 

Lastly, this overall product comes in 5-pieces. So, it has great value for the price it offers. And, if you’ve loved what you’ve seen until this point, then go for the product. 


  • Safer for the animals
  • Chemicals and fertilizers haven’t been used on it
  • The hollow structure makes it easier for the fish to swim through
  • It’s been cleaned thoroughly


  • It could be more firm and sturdy
  • Takes a bit of time to sink

Product Overview

Be it for tank decoration or keeping the animals safe- our 2nd product brings a lot to the table. The Cholla Wood from the brand- My Pet Patrol ensures the tank’s stability is always maintained. 

It’ll buffer and lower the pH level of the tank naturally. As a result, an overall biofilm is created, and it’ll remain beneficial to the fish and animals. 

Now, let’s check out the other important features below- 

First off, it comes with a hollow structure. So, it is thicker than other Cholla woods in the market. Having a hollow structure means that the fish can easily swim through it. And they can even hide inside it.

As it’s completely natural, it won’t have chemicals inside of it. Plus, it is collected from nature. As a result, it’ll have a different bit of texture. Another benefit of this wood is that it creates biofilm. 

This biofilm is the perfect food for shrimp and other animals. Plus, it’ll help maintain a nutritious and balanced environment in the water. So, it creates overall stability in the water of the tank. 

Now, coming to the topic of size, there are 7 different size options for this driftwood. So, you’ll have your options. You can set them according to the size of your tank. 

As this wood can lower the pH level of water, you can easily use it to your advantage. Many fishes prefer this acidic condition. The lower pH level helps in the survival of the plecos. 

You can easily use it to your advantage eventually. Hence, this Cholla wood can be a great choice for the plecos. 

In the end, the Cholla wood does tend to turn the water brown in the aquarium. So, you’ll need to boil it up before using it. This could be a bit of a hassle for some people, but you’ll need to do it. 


  • Biofilm is beneficial to different fishes
  • Lowers the pH level
  • Different size options provide a variety
  • Maintains an overall balanced environment
  • The hollow structure allows fish to swim through


  • Can change the color of the water to brown
  • Doesn’t last longer

Product Overview

Say hello to a premium product on our list. This one is from the brand- PIVBY. And the standout factor is that you get 3 pieces of this bad boy when you purchase it. Yes, the more, the better! 

That said, there are other features contributing to our placing it in the top 3. So, let’s take a look at them- 

Firstly, it has quite a unique design. And no one looks the same as the others. The 3 look is completely different from one another.

But all of them look pleasant and enhance the decor of your aquarium. 

If you observe closely, you’ll find that there are branches in the design of this driftwood. Now, these branches kind of mimic a natural setting of fish.

The best part about this branch is that it’ll keep plants anchored. 

Even though the branches are lightweight and dense, they’ll still hold off the plants to the ground firmly. And, for the benefit of the plecos, this driftwood releases tannins as well. 

This way, the water gets acidic, and many fishes prefer that environment. If you don’t want this to happen and reduce the tannins amount, boil the driftwood. It’ll reduce the tannins to quite some extent. 

Now, this driftwood won’t sink immediately. So, you’ll need to boil it up for an hour or so. That’ll speed up the sinking process. Boiling reduces tannins as well. 

The sizes of the three pieces will vary eventually. So, you have options and can mix them up based on the size of your aquarium.

Here, the branches allow reptiles to climb on them as well. So you can use them in your gardens. 

Other than that, this product is quite durable and firm enough. So, it’ll stay planted in your aquarium. But this is a premium product, so it’ll have a higher price tag compared to the other ones on this list. 

That said, it does provide tons of benefits and features for you to work with. So, consider the factors and see if they align with your goals. 


  • It’s firm and durable
  • Comes with a unique design
  • The lightweight branches help at plant anchoring
  • Tannins make the water acidic


  • Expensive
  • Turns the water red

Product Overview

Regarding aesthetics, many people want driftwood to stand out in their tanks. If that’s the case, then you should give this product a look. No more boring shapes! 

This driftwood comes with quite a unique shape, and that posture makes it stand out easily.

But, the design isn’t for show only. It’s a perfect hideaway spot for the fish. More on that below- 

Now, it does arrive in two types of shades. As a result, you’ll have a great look at the aquarium. So, all in all, it adds beauty and aesthetics to your aquarium. 

But, the driftwood doesn’t do that only. It helps your plecos and fish.

How? Well, the Mopani driftwood comes with a sandblasted finish that’ll prevent water contamination. So, overall, it’ll always be a safer option. 

As this is Mopani driftwood, it’ll release tannins in the water. So, this means it’ll be beneficial for the plecos and other fishes.

And, if your fishes prefer a bit of acidic condition, then it’s even better as tannins lower the pH level. 

Other than that, this driftwood is pretty strong on its own. It’ll ensure that your fish can hide on it when they want. You can even use it to anchor your plants as well. 

Even though the sandblasted finish protects your aquarium from extraneous materials, you’ll still need to boil it. To be precise, boil for 2 hours, and it’ll be sanitized. Then, put it in the aquarium. 

That said, all of the features and their benefits look promising enough. This comes with a pricey price tag.

So, if you’re considering buying this one, ensure you’re ready to invest some bucks behind this driftwood. 


  • Adds in tannins in the water
  • Helps at creating an acidic environment
  • Provides an easy hideout spot for the fishes
  • Adds in beauty to the tank
  • Prevents water contamination


  • Could get discolored
  • A bit expensive

Product Overview

We’re down to the last driftwood on our list. It’s from the brand- Zilla. If you’re wondering how it made it to our list, there are valid reasons for it.

This Malaysian driftwood provides a tremendous amount of tannins in the water. 

Other than that, there are other features as well. So, let’s get on with it- 

First off, the tannins produced in the water end up lowering the pH levels. So, the water tends to get acidic. Now, reptiles love this in advance, and they’ll simply climb on this material. 

But it’s not about the reptiles. Here, the plecos have better well-being as the oxygen level inside the water also increases all the time.

Overall, the healthy tannins released in water do come in favor of the plecos. 

On the other hand, this driftwood is perfect underwater as it’ll last longer than most in the market. Whether in an arid environment or underwater- this wood will last for some time. 

That said, it sinks naturally inside the water. And the best part about this sinking is that it won’t scratch the tank’s glass. 

Even though it doesn’t have as many size options as the previous product, the size ranges from 10-12 inches. So, if that suits you and your aquarium tank, install this one. 

When it comes to boiling, you won’t require much time. As the driftwood sinks naturally, it’ll go down eventually without much hassle.

But it’s a bit soft for driftwood. So, if you want a heavier option, then this isn’t it. 


  • Releases natural tannins inside water
  • Helps in the well-being of plecos
  • Raises the oxygen level in the water
  • Doesn’t scratch the tank’s bottom glass
  • Sinks naturally


  • It could have a larger size
  • Driftwood is a bit softer


Buying Guide

Well, the review section just ended. So, congratulations on being patient and going through this much information in one go.

We’re proud you’ve done it. That said, it’s not easy when skimming through this many products. 

We believe you can easily miss out on an important factor or two. This is why we’ve decided to introduce this separate section. But why is this needed? 

First off, it’ll make things more clear on why you’ll need this product in the first place. Then, you can prioritize your favorite product from our list easily.

Lastly, you’ll just have to purchase the product and start working. 

So, let’s take a look at the important buying considerations that you need to know- 

Texture of Driftwood

If you’ve followed the review section, then you’ll know that there are different forms of driftwood. These forms have different designs that could be interesting on their own. 

But it’s not about aesthetics as these shapes and forms have benefits on them. You’ll need to prioritize what you’ll need for your aquarium. 

When we look at Cholla wood, we observe a more hollow structure. Even though this is great for fish to swim through, these woods degrade faster.

Here, the Mopani would be a great choice as they degrade slower. 

On the other hand, Spriderwood breaks down faster compared to other plain driftwood. So, you’ll need to decide what’s important to you and your aquarium. 

Driftwood Tannins

Generally, tannins end up lowering water pH levels all the time. As a result, they make the water a bit more acidic.

This makes the water more suitable for tropical fishes like- angelfish, betta fish, and discus. 

Tannins end up contributing more to the overall fish well-being as well.

How does this do it? Well, it’ll increase the oxygen level in the water and stimulate helpful bacteria growth. 

So, yes, if you’re looking to put tannins inside your aquarium, then driftwood can be a great source.

This is because Malaysian woods and Mopani produce a lot of tannins in the water. 

Driftwood Firmness & Sturdiness

Almost all the time, harder driftwood is the key for most aquariums. But why? Well, harder driftwoods sink faster and last for a long time. Here, sturdy driftwood might take time to break down. 

As a result, the balance of the environment in water won’t get disrupted anytime. And your pets will be out of risk as well. 

On the other hand, getting softer driftwood means they’ll take a longer time to sink. As if that’s not worse, these woods will even degrade faster when compared to harder driftwood. 

Size Factor

Size matters! 

Now, the size will be more important when buying driftwood. This is because you don’t want to buy driftwood that’s larger than the size of the aquarium, right? Otherwise, the whole purchase would be a flop. 

That said, you don’t want to buy a smaller piece as well. But why?

Well, a smaller piece won’t even stand out in the fish tank of the aquarium. That’s why the right size is essential. 

You could tie an additional object and secure the smaller pieces. By doing this, you can easily make the driftwood stand out in the aquarium. 

How Much Time Should Driftwood Be Boiled? 

Tannins need to be removed at times. The best way of doing this is by boiling the driftwood. Now, there’s no specific time on how you should boil these pieces. 

All in all, it depends. The boiling process should be conducted based on the size of the woods. Here, you could boil smaller pieces for around 15-30min.

Whereas the larger pieces could take even 2-4hours to boil. 

But, there’s a catch here- 

The longer you boil these pieces, the more tannins will be removed. So, you might want to look into it again and again. 


Question: Which kind of driftwood do Plecos like? 

Answer: Driftwoods like- Mopani, Bogwood, and Thai Mangrove would be liked by Plecos. 

Question: What is the best kind of wood for Plecos? 

Answer: Malaysian Driftwood is the best kind of wood for plecos. Here, Mobani woods do better as well. 

Question: Are driftwoods better for plecos? 

Answer: Yes, driftwoods are better for plecos. Driftwoods contain nutrients that’ll help in the digestion of Plecos. As a result, driftwood would help the health of plecos at all times. 

Question: Will plecos survive without driftwood? 

Answer: Yes, plecos can survive without driftwood. So, you can put your tanks without driftwood in them.

However, you’ll need to add supplements in the tanks with some balanced veggies as well. As driftwoods are a source of fibers for the plecos, you’ll need a healthy alternative. 


That’s it—no more from our end. We’re hopeful that things have been quite clear until this part. So, go ahead and purchase the best driftwood for plecos

And, if you’re worried about the purchase, check out the buying guide section. Here, we’ve shared some common buying factors that everyone mostly asks themselves.